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Exciting Growth in Latin America: Kannaway's Colombia Expansion

We're thrilled to announce the Pre-Opening of Colombia, our second Latin American market after Mexico. Colombia has a thriving multi-level industry and entrepreneurial spirit that holds immense potential. Starting August 18th, you can register and buy packages in Colombia through your virtual office. In this initial stage, we're offering a basic product catalog under the "Not For Resale" (NFR) concept, excluding VAT. Shipments will be dispatched every 15 days, taking up to 3 weeks to arrive. Don’t forget, you can enroll Entrepreneurs anywhere in the world, so spread the word and be part of this pioneering pre-launch!

Valid in: Mexico

10% OFF your favorite products in Mexico!

Pure Liquid 2,500mg | Pure Liquid CBN | Pure Liquid CBG
Wholesale Price (each):
Regular: MX $1,351 | Promo: MX $1,216
Retail Price (each):
Regular: MX $1,757 | Promo: MX $1,582

Valid in: MX

Promotions are subject to change at any time.

The Double DSC Continues!

Unlock greater earnings potential with our exclusive offer! Place three or more Value Packs and enjoy a Double DSC. Please note that while we would love to extend this promotion indefinitely, it is available for a limited time and restricted to new Customer or Entrepreneur enrollments. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to maximize your rewards!

Valid in: Global (excluding Japan)

Subject to change or amendment at any time.


You can be a Kannaway MVP by sharing our life-changing products with your customers and Entrepreneurs. You earn points from each of our products listed below on a monthly basis. When you earn 3 points, you are an MVP for the month!!!

Valid in: USA, EUR, MX, ZA, JA

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